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Dandi Project

Mural Project developed for the "Space २४१ | 241" at the National Salt Satyagraha Memorial, #Dandi, #Gujarat, a Ministry of Culture, GoI project implemented by Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bombay.


Material: Stoneware

Placement: 241 External Wall


241 Wall mural according to artist Amitesh Shrivastava My concept of the mural is based on the actual Dandi march itself...the marchers and their march towards Dandi. Different paths, souls and nature joining the march. The idea revolves around the energy of the footsteps of the marchers in an organic format. When Gandhiji started his journey on his march he was accompanied by several people who would sing along to keep their spirits high. As they entered each village, crowds greeted the marchers, beating drums and cymbals (manjira), Ektara almost like a flowing river. I have tried to encompass all these elements in order to arrive at the present form of the mural.


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