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Dr. Kureshi

Dr Kureshi is a character that I have chosen from my childhood memory having lived my formative years in a town called Khairagarh in Chhatisgarh state India.that was dominated by tribal culture. I have the most vivid memories of Dr Kureshi who travelled through dense tribal regions to reach out to all kinds of people in order to give medical assistance. On his return, he brought back with him numerous stories for me and others to visualize. Stories of the land, its people and their adversity.

Such constant exercise of trying to visualize helped me increase my capacity to recollect and express through my art similar situations wherever I find them.

Rage Readers vs Pseudo Readers

Rage Readers vs Pseudo Readers is comic, addressing issues that are real and immediate, weird as well as a social commentary using post-apocalyptic reasoning.

Ink on Paper, 2014
10.6 inches x 13.8 inches


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